Many common definitions of Jewish words

We collected here some common Jewish words. Every word is a symbol. There are old symbols and new ones.

Shalom - Peace, use also as a greeting or farewell.

Torah - The first book of the three parts Jewish bible. Assembled from 5 books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

Definitions of Jewish words - Torah books
Berreshit - Genesis. The Torah first book.
Shemmot - Exodus. The Torah second book.
Vayikra - Leviticus. The Torah third book
Bamidbar - Numbers. The Torah fourth book
Devarim - Deuteronomy. The Torah fifth book

Definitions of Jewish words - Jewish Holidays
Rosh Hashanah -
New year holiday for the Jews
Yom Kippur -  God signs Jewish people destiny for the new year. Holy holiday
Sukkot - Booths, which were temporary dwellings for Israel people when they exit Egypt. Also a Jewish holiday.
Simchat Tora - A holiday which symbols the end and start of Tora reading
Chanukkah - A holiday which symbols the Hashmonaim (Jewish leading family) victory on the Greeks 165 BC
Tu B'Shevat - A holiday. New Year celebration for the trees
Purim - A holiday. Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination
Pesach - Passover holiday. Israel people exit Egypt.
Lag B'Omer - A Holiday for Bar-Kokheva victory on the Roman Empire in about 135 years to the Christian Counting.
Shavu'ot - A holiday. Symbols the 7 weeks from Egypt exit until they got the Tora

Kadosh - Holy man.

Sabbath - Saturday. A day of rest for the Jewish people..

Kiddush - Blessing said over wine on the Sabbath

Israel - Country in the Middle East - Region extending from the southeastern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Shema Israel - One of the most common Jewish prayers. In the prayer, the Jewish people pray that god will hear their prayers.

Kibbutz - Communal farm in Israel.
Moshav - Cooperative settlement in Israel.

Yerushallayim Shell Zahhav - Jerusalem of gold. One of the beautiful songs in Hebrew for Jerusalem.
Hatikva - Israel's national anthem.

Hannavi - The prophet.

Chag - Feast, Holiday, Festival

Kippah - Yarmulke - Head covering

Talmud - A collection of ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish day life and rules.

Kabbalah - Jewish mystical doctrine.

Halacha - Jewish law that was determined through an exacting process of metaphysical science, handed down from Sinai Torah.

Mikvah - A pool of natural water in which one bathes for the restoration of virtual purity. In the orthodox way, every woman goes to the Mikvah before she get married.

Definitions of Jewish words - Jewish Streams
Orthodox - 
Jewish stream which stayed with fearful religious as way of life. The Orthodox stream didn't change anything from the Torah. This is the Torah from Sinai and no human can change it. Many of them were anti Zionism.
Reformist - Jewish reformists stream which accept the Jews ethical commandment and reject the practical commandment that are not suitable to 20 century. The bible is the main stream here and not the Talmud.
Conservative - The conservatives are Jewish stream and are between the Orthodox and the Reformist. Their big issue is that there is a new realty and there has to be a change in the Jews religious customs. One of their change was woman and man sitting together and pray. The Conservatives keep guard the Kashrut and the Sabbath as is. They also say that the practical commandment are not relevant, but they want to keep some of them.

Alliah - Immigration. Jewish immigration to Israel. Over-All name.
Haifa - North city in Israel on the  Carmel mountain, near the sea.
Tel-Aviv - The most big city in Israel. In English the name means "Spring Hill".
Jerusalem - Israel capital city.

Haifa. Israel. A view from Dan Carmel hotel. Definitions of jewish words. 
		Beautifull city on the Carmel mountain with harbour and sea shore

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